How to store our products?

Upon receipt of our products , it is essential store them in a freezer or cold store at -20 ° In this way we ensure that the product will be perfect at the time of consumption. Do not store in the refrigerator or camera if the temperature is achieved at -20 º


Manipulation before baking

Breads prebaked : No need to thaw , removed from the chamber and placed in the oven at the temperature described in the technical paper.

Breads Raw : It must be fermented before cooking ,



  • Having the product in trays.
  • Place the trays in cart.
  • Defrost the product at room temperature for a period of one hour or until it has achieved its full defrost.
  • Once thawed, bring the product to ferment for 90 minutes at a temperature of 30 ° C and a relative humidity of 80%.


For any query please follow the instructions for each product , they are described in the technical specifications, in case they are needed please request them by calling 0810-444-7276 or send an email to . ar


Manipulation in baking


Place in oven products when it has reached the right temperature (indicated the technical specifications)

It is important not to open the oven while the product is cooking and respect the cooking time indicated in each sheet .

After baking, must be removed and ideally the product must turn cool in the same trays on which was cooked




Decoration of invoices and croissants : to achieve a better finish , you may paint bills and croissants with syrup , this will enhance the colors and give shine to products.

Decoration specialties : some of our products, for example the Classic Rechessa are ideal to paint with olive oil once baked , it’s gives a  positive visual impact and give it a delicious taste ,



Tips to keep the bread once it is cooked , keeping their features and extending the life


  •  Wrap the whole loaf or cotton canvas
  • Once wrapped the piece of bread , put it in a plastic bag
  • Store it at room temperature
  • Before consumption , it is recommended spraying with water and heated in the oven at 220 ° C for 5 min