Quality is one of the principles that guide us and give meaning to our daily work. That's why we extend the policies, controls and quality provisions to all areas of the company.

We work with a Quality Control and Food Safety department, comprised of professionals who spend their time to quality assurance. We have a HACCP system, further work under the AIB consolidated standards INTERNATIONAL.

We promote a comprehensive development plan and selection of suppliers of raw materials, from origins,  to ensure the quality, naturalness and craftsmanship of our products.

Some concepts that characterize us.


We produce natural, healthy products without additives or preservatives, under the premise of continuous improvement of its technology and industrial processes.


Ensure the products we produce, by applying the food safety system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). and working under INTERNATIONAL AIB Consolidated Standards

Design and implement, standardized, specific and detailed production processes so as to satisfy our customers through products that meet their expectations, both in presentation and quality and safety.

Comply with the requirements of the health legislation, verifying implementation at all stages of the process: purchases of raw materials, processing, handling, packaging, storage, transport and distribution to our customers.

Innovate technologically to achieve safer, continuous and efficient production processes, obtaining safe products with high quality and productivity.

Develop and implement all personnel training programs, for an update on procedures and rules, in order to obtain a continuous process of quality improvement.

Select suppliers and qualify through verification of legal, technical and performance specifications inherent to the product supplied.

For each entry of raw materials and inputs, proper quality control is applied to ensure safety and compliance to the required specifications.