We are dedicated to the production of bakery products based on ancient Italian recipes that use "Mother Dough" which guarantees to bring to the family table products with the real taste and delicious fragrance of good bread.

Sapore di Pane emerges from the desire to renew the argentine bakery industry, offering since the year 2000 handmade and natural bakery products, without additives nor preservatives. Therefore, inspired by tradition and through a staff team conformed by professionals with extended experience in the bakery industry, we set the goal to sprout the quality of the european traditional bakery.

Since our inception, our recipes secret lies in the passion, dedication and enthusiasm. We know that the best fruits are obtained starting from the finest raw materials, so we use natural ingredients combining excellent tradition and European art technology for processing.

We are distinguished by constant innovation, based on our experience, product nd production processes technology, and creativity of our recipes.

The result is over 80 delicious varieties of superb quality.



To be the best producers and marketers of ultra frozen breads, where consumers choose them for their high quality, exclusivity and innovation.



"To ensure that all people enjoy savoring our handmade products that we make with such dedication and commitment so that they are present at their family table to share their best moments."

"Offering unique and excellent quality products."

"Protect research and develop innovative programs through a professional team with strong business experience and great adaptation to change."

"To get the right benefit, maximizing the creation of value and profitability."



• Honesty
• Social Commitment
• Business ethics
• Respect for others
• Excellence and quality
• Teamwork
• Caring for the environment and natural resources